Melbourne’s Best Outdoor Gyms

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9 minutes May 7th, 2021
Landscape view of Melbourne city, Yarra River and surrounding parks

Outdoor gyms are a perfect way to smash out your daily workout routine in the warm Melbourne sun – and here’s where you can find the best ones.

With plenty of fresh air around you while surrounded by the beautiful sights Melbourne has to offer, outdoor gyms are the perfect option to exercise – and they’re free! Whether you’re strengthening your core, training for agility, upper and lower body strength or more, outdoor exercise equipment is designed to cater to a variety of different workout needs.

Why outdoor gyms are a great option

Did you know there have been many studies which have highlighted the link between physical outdoor exercise and improved mental wellbeing?

Working out in the great outdoors has been linked to helping reduce anxiety, depression and stress levels. Spending more time outside has also been known to increase one’s mood due to the release of serotonin as our retinas absorb the sunlight.

And best of all, outdoor gyms are available to everyone, so they’re a great excuse to drag your partner or friend out of bed for a healthy way to start the day.

Where to find Melbourne’s best outdoor gyms

Whether it’s for your morning, midday, afternoon or night-time workout, here is where you can find the best outdoor gyms in Melbourne:

Docklands Outdoor Gym

The Docklands Outdoor Gym is situated along the beautiful Yarra River within the Docklands Temporary Activation Park. Apart from offering amazing views, this exercise park provides all the outdoor equipment you’ll need.

This outdoor gym is ideal for both agility and strength training, making it the perfect destination no matter your exercise regime. If it’s arms day, you can work out on their pull up bars, parallel bars and battle ropes. For legs day, you can train on their commando nets, plyometric boxes, ladders, steps and more.

Once you’ve finished your workout, you can jog down the surrounding walking paths along Docklands Park. Or if you’re working out with a gym buddy, you can check out the nearby basketball court for a game of hoops.

You can get there easily by hopping on the 48 tram along Collins Street and getting off at stop D18-Bourke St/Collins St.

Address: 888 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008

Kings Way Reserve Outdoor Gym

Located in South Melbourne is the Kings Way Reserve Outdoor Gym, and it provides the ideal outdoor workout space with clear blue skies.

You can also choose from a selection of quality outdoor exercise equipment such as benches, tai chi wheels, lat pulldowns, arm wheels and chest presses for arms day. If it’s legs day, they’ve got stationary bikes, leg presses, steps and more. The Kings Way Reserve Outdoor Gym is a great choice as it’s designed for cardio, mobility and strength training.

If you feel like stretching your legs afterwards, the outdoor gym is located across the road from the Albert Park Walking Track. This 4.8km walking track is perfect for runners and water fountains are located at each kilometre interval, so make sure to bring your water bottle.

You can get there by hopping on the 64, 16 or 67 tram along St Kilda Road and getting off at stop 22-Toorak Rd/St Kilda Rd.

Address: 4 Bowens Crescent, Melbourne 3001

Cook Reserve Outdoor Gym

Situated in Port Melbourne is the Cook Reserve and there you’ll find the Cook Reserve Outdoor Gym. With street parking right out the front, you can easily get to it from Swallow Street. This outdoor gym hub is suited for strength, mobility and cardio training.

You can choose from a range of outdoor gym equipment including chest presses, benches and dip bars for arms day, body twists for working on your core, and leg presses and stationary bikes for legs day. They also have a stretch station for before and after your workout.

Located close by is the Port Melbourne Tennis Club if you and a friend wanna hit up the courts and get some extra exercise in.

You can get there by hopping on the 109 tram and getting off at stop 128-Graham St/Light Rail.

Address: 83 Swallow St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Evergreen Reserve Outdoor Gym

If you’re in Balwyn, then head over to the Evergreen Reserve Outdoor Gym. This outdoor gym is set up in an open space cluster rather than a hub of equipment.

Designed for strength training, you can access leg presses and steps when you need to work on your lower body. This outdoor fitness equipment is great for developing your glutes, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps.

For upper body training, you can use pull up bars, horizontal bars, chest presses, dip bars and lat pulldowns. This is ideal for developing your triceps, pectorals, deltoids and building upper muscle strength.

You can get there from Talbot Avenue and it’s the perfect environment for a morning outdoor workout. You can also hop on the 109 tram and get off at stop 48-Balwyn Shopping Centre/Whitehorse Rd.

Address: 45 Talbot Ave, Balwyn VIC 3103

Albert Park Outdoor Gym

Located along the beautiful Albert Park Lake is the Albert Park Outdoor Gym. If you’re wanting to exercise with a great view, then this is the place for you. Paddle and sailboats drift along the water as the Melbourne CBD skyline fades into the distance.

With a cluster layout targeted towards strength training, you can train with callisthenics equipment such as parallel bars, regular and incline benches, vault bars and pull up bars. You can also warm up and down on their stretch stations as well.

The Albert Park Driving Range is also close by if you wanted to practice on your golf swing afterwards at their multiple-storey driving ranges. Or if you feel like going for a walk instead, taking a relaxing stroll along Albert Park Lake is the best way to take in the surrounding scenery.

You can get there by public transport by jumping on the 75 or 96 tram and getting off at stop 128-Albert Park Station/Light Rail.

Address: Albert Park, Victoria 3206

WR Ruthven Reserve Outdoor Gym

Situated near Heidelberg is the WR Ruthven Reserve Outdoor Gym, which you can get to via Malpas Street. It also has Cranross Tennis Club nearby if you’re visiting with a friend and also offers a coaching program if you’re wanting to swing like the pros. This impressive hub of fitness equipment is ideal for lower and upper body training.

You can train your legs on a choice of leg raises, steps, stationary bikes, cross trainers and leg presses. If you want to work on your core, it offers body twists and incline benches. For arms workouts, there are horizontal bars, pull up bars, dip bars and more.

Designed for mobility, cardio and strength training, this fitness station is perfect for exercising outdoors when you’re near Heidelberg or Preston. Just hop on the 567 bus and it will stop right outside the WR Ruthven Reserve.

Address: 24 Malpas St, Preston VIC 3072

Como Park Outdoor Gym

Located in South Yarra is the Como Park Outdoor Gym, just off Williams Road. It offers a great selection of gym equipment and breathtaking views of the Yarra River and Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park. Como Park is also a great place for a morning run, jog or walk.

Ideal for cardio, strength and mobility training, you can work on your arms with seated row machines, shoulder presses, lat pulldowns and more. If it’s legs day, then there are steppers, leg raises and leg presses.

If you’re looking for something more exciting than stationary rowing machines, the nearby Power House Rowing Club offers a Learn to Row program that is available to anyone over the age of 18.

To get there via public transport, take the Frankston train and hop off at Hawksburn Railway Station.

Address: Williams Rd N & Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra VIC 3141

Whether you are just travelling through or a local, these are some of the best outdoor gym spots you can find in Melbourne. If you’re wanting to get out and about but an outdoor gym isn’t your style, then check out 6 of the Best Parks and Gardens in Melbourne for some great ideas for your next outing.