Your Punthill Local Host

Your Punthill Local Host

Our team of local hosts here at Punthill come from all over the world. We have team members born and bred in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and from all over the globe including Europe and Asia. With decades of travel experience between them, having covered the far reaches of every continent, our hosts are always planning that next trip and know what it is like to be a guest. They know that quality comforts and local knowledge can turn your stay from a good one, to an epic one.

The local hosts here at Punthill are not just passionate about providing great accommodation and great service. They’re also crazy about the cities they live in, taking every opportunity to soak up the different cultures, entertainment, food scenes, and the best of what their city has to offer. When it comes to eating and drinking, our local hosts are always on the hunt for that next great experience and love to share their discoveries. When they’re not on the clock you can be sure our local hosts are probably out picnicking in a botanical garden, taking in the latest show at a museum, pursuing a local market or dancing up a storm at a city nightclub.

Everyone here at Punthill is pretty crazy about food. If they’re not out wining and dining, our local hosts are probably at home planning a dinner party, mastering a pecan tart recipe, or testing some new pasta making tricks.

Punthill local hosts are a team of genuine people looking to create lasting memories and exceptional experiences for each and every guest. If you want to know where to go to find the latest buzz-worthy restaurant, the best park to get some exercise, the next major gallery show or where to organise a business lunch, talk to our local hosts. They have their finger on the pulse and can help you get the most out of the city while you stay with us. Check out our local host blogs to find the most interesting things to do in Punthill cities.

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