Ultimate Guide To Melbourne’s Cat Cafés

Damien Bonal Marketing Manager
13 minutes Nov 15th, 2021

Between 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, humans first started domesticating cats in the Near East from a species of African wildcat known as felis silvestris lybica. Since establishing an eternal bond with this wild animal, cats have been dominating viral videos on YouTube, stealing our spot on the couch, and enriching our lives with their companionship, love and affection.

Whether you are wanting to adopt, thinking about getting a cat or just wanting to cuddle up with a cute little furball, cat cafés are purrfect! As there are only a few located in Melbourne, we’ve put together a complete guide of Melbourne’s cat cafés and where to find them.

Cat Cafés: What You Need To Know

How many cat cafes are in Australia?

As of October 2021, there are 10 cat cafés in Australia. There is 1 in Tasmania, 1 in Western Australia, 2 in Queensland, 3 in New South Wales and 3 in Victoria.

What is the purpose of cat cafés?

Although cat cafés are an attraction for patrons who are wanting to enjoy a coffee while surrounded by cute cats, they also serve a deeper and more meaningful purpose. Many cat cafés partner with organisations and local cat rescues to ensure their cats find a good home and can be adopted by the right type of owner.

What can you do at cat cafés?

As the name suggests, cat cafés allow you to enjoy a coffee and a snack while playing with or enjoying the company of cats. You can get up close with them, however each cat café will have its own set of rules such as prohibiting lifting up the cats or creating loud noises.

Are cat cafés cruel?

There is some debate over whether cafe cafés are actually a cruel environment for cats. However, many cat café owners are strongly focused on the welfare of their cats. Many have rules in place to ensure the cats aren’t exposed to an unsafe environment and have the main goal of finding their cats a nice home with loving owners.

Are cat cafés unhygienic?

Absolutely not. In fact, cat cafés go through rigorous cleaning and maintenance to ensure the safety and hygiene of not only their cats but of their customers as well. There are designated areas such as litter areas situated far from the café area to ensure the cat café doesn’t end up smelling like a zoo.

Are cats in cat cafés happy?

Of course! Many cats have been taken in from shelters where they have been the victims of abuse from their previous owners. Cat cafés ensure their cats are well-groomed, have an area for their own personal space and are treated with care and love so they can be rehabilitated into a loving family.

Can you adopt a cat from a cat cafe?

Absolutely, which is many cat cafés main goal. If you feel a special bond forming with one of their cats, you have the option to adopt and bring them home with you. If you find yourself falling in love with a cute little furball, talk to the staff about their adoption process and they will gladly explain what is required.


Now, here is where you will find Melbourne’s cat cafés and why you should pay them a visit!

Cat Café Melbourne, Melbourne CBD

two cats standing at the top of a staircase

Cat Café Melbourne is hailed as the first and original cat café that was opened in Australia back in 2014. It provides a unique and calming experience for customers to grab a cup of their favourite coffee, enjoy a snack, and sit back and relax with their many cute and fluffy cats.

Cat Café Melbourne is split over two floors. The ground floor is their cat lounge, where their cats get to hang out and relax, and move freely using a unique internal staircase that allows them to move between the two floors. The first floor is their café lounge, where customers can enjoy delicious drinks and great food while surrounded by the most adorable felines!

With a strong commitment and passion for giving animals from shelters a second chance, they work closely with non-profit organisations to ensure each of their cats get this second chance. They have a section on their website where you can see which of their cats are currently looking for a new home. If you or someone you know is looking to give their cat away for any reason, Cat Café Melbourne also provides a free re-homing service to make sure each cat finds the right home for them.

Website: https://catcafemelbourne.com/
Address: 30 Guildford Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cashmere Cat Café, Melbourne CBD

beautiful cats enjoying a cat cafe

The Cashmere Cat Café proudly offers one of the most enjoyable and unique cat café experiences for all animal lovers throughout Australia. You can choose to either book a day pass which lasts for six hours, or you can book a one-hour session.

With a modern and spacious area of over 160 square metres, the Cashmere Cat Café has areas for customers to enjoy the company of their adorable cats while also providing personal areas for the cats to retire to. Boasting over 25 cats and kittens to play with under one roof, each cat has been carefully selected and slowly introduced to each other to ensure a calm, relaxed and enjoyable environment.

As Australia has such high restrictions on serving food and drinks inside spaces where animals are present, the only items on offer are pre-packaged. Although, most likely you will be visiting a cat café to cuddle up with a cute and softy kitty, which you won’t have any issues with here!

Website: https://www.cashmerecatcafe.com.au/
Address: Level 1/360 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Grounded Paws Cat Café, Traralgon

three cute cats laying on a couch

Just under 2 hours outside of Melbourne in Traralgon is where you will find Grounded Paws Cat Café. As a not-for-profit rescue group called Grounded Paws Animal Rescue, they work closely with animal pounds and are dedicated to ensuring that impounded animals on death row gain a second chance at living with a loving and caring family.

With an Alice in Wonderland theme, their cat lounge is filled with some of the most precious, cute and lovable kittens and cats you will ever meet – which are all available for adoption if one manages to steal your heart. Customers can sit back and relax with a nice cappuccino or latte while enjoying their company. They also offer a selection of yummy pies including mixed berry and custard, chickpea curry, Mexican and apple.

The friendly staff are also able to answer all your questions regarding the cats and the adoption process. You can also find out more information about their how to adopt an animal section on their website. You can adopt a cat or a dog, and each animal has been thoroughly vaccinated, parasite treated, desexed, microchipped and had a health check by a veterinarian.

Website: http://www.groundedpaws.org/
Address: 23 McMahon St, Traralgon VIC 3844


Cats have the unique ability to enrich our lives, providing us with love, cuddles and affection when we need it the most. If you have been thinking about getting a cat or wanting to experience the fun atmosphere of having lots of adorable cats and kittens wander around you, then make a visit to one of these awesome cat cafés in Melbourne.

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